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Re: Undamped oscillations

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I don't believe that the
technology existed in Tesla's era to time spark gap firings with the
phase of a ringdown.

Gary Lau

What would be so hard about that?    If your coil is ringing down at
10kHz? and you fired it a 1000 pps......It would easily be done. I would assume the coil would be built suck that you get more than 20 cycles before the logrithmic decrement tookl it to zero. All you would need is a very well controlled rotary gap motor. heck....even up to 100kHz it could be done. If you have an even number of sets of stationary gaps hooked up on a ring....all paralleled..and an odd number of electrodes on the rotor, you can get quite a multiplier compared to a simple rotary gap with just one set of stationary gaps. Each set of stationary gaps would run cooller besides. Imagine four sets of stationary gaps...and three rotary electrodes. You'd get how many firings per rev? 12? next imagine 8 sets of stationary electrodes and nine rotary electrodes. I'll stop now....lol


You missed the point. The issue is setting the firing time so that successive wave trains added IN PHASE. That means that the firing time would have to be correct within perhaps a couple of percent of the period - say a microsecond for a 10 kHz coil (pretty low frequency). Objective was not a train of damped waves but a more or less constant wave "reinforced" with each sparking.