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SOS! GFI is tripping! Please help!

Original poster: "JT Bowles" <jasotb@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I need some help, stat, guys.
Here is the deal:
1.) Coil alone plugged in at 100%, GFI good
2.) Coil w/ variac(with variac at under 2%, way before S.G. fires), GFI trips!
3.) Variac alone, no output, GFI good
4.) Variac with other grounded devices( with variac at 0-100%), GFI good
5.) Coil w/ variac, NST ground disconnected, 0-100%, GFI good!

The last situation is the most strange of all. If my NST were internally shorting to ground, then when I plug my coil directly into the wall with no variac, the GFI would trip


Yet, when I disconnect the NST ground, I can use the variac on my coil! So I cannot conclude if the GFI is tripping due to my Tesla coil, or my variac.

*****Various tests point towards the conclusion that the GFI only trips when both coil and variac are plugged into eachother! Individually, each one is fine!*****

*****even more odd, I have used this coil perfectly for a year, no problems. I used it 2 months ago perfectly. NOTHING has changed with it or the variac at all, since then. The only difference is a temperature drop of about 10 degrees since 2 months ago*****

Somebody experienced, please help. I cannot understand what is going on. Nothing I have concluded makes any sense. Please, go over the 5 situations and try to figure out the issue! I APPRECIATE ANY RESPONSE, ASAP!

Thank you.

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