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Re: Garage door opener vs. Tesla coil

Original poster: "James Zimmerschied" <zimtesla@xxxxxxx>

I had a similar experience with loss of a garage door opener circuit card from my TC operations. The coil was far enough away that it did not strike the opener but the receiver apparently did not like the TC RF emissions. The replacement card was $90 and my wife was not too keen on using the push button operator I rigged while waiting for the new card.

I now always unplug the door opener when I run small coils in the garage. When I run my medium coil (which does strike the opener rail), I unplug it and remove the PC card. - after dozens of runs at different times there has been no further loss.
Jim Zimmerschied
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Subject: Garage door opener vs. Tesla coil

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I looks like my coil murdered my garage door opener. While running
the coil in the garage, the garage door  opened on it's own & then
died. I now have to open & close the door manually. I was careful to
position the coil far enough away so that no arcs could strike the
opener or anything connected to it, and it still seems to have
succumed to the coils effects somehow.

My question is, other than unplugging the opener, are there any
preventative measures I can take to protect the garage door
motor/receiver? Or is there just no safe way to run the coil indoors?
I imagine the repairs won't be cheap so I'd like to avoid a
repeat.  Thx for any advice.  Dennis Hopkinton MA

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