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Re: Ball Lightning from high-amp discharge - Ball lightning in the kitchen

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The UK MoD did a study on unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP). This doc has recently been declassified. Here is the chapter on ball lightning.




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Google time:



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> That was a great video.  Thanks for posting it.   Several years ago
> my mad scientist friend Gomez Addama (aka Bill)  showed that you can
> make ball lighting in your microwave oven.  All you have to do is
> take a really short candle (I used a 'tea candle'),  light it and
> place it in the center of your microwave, invert a pyrex measuring
> cup over the candle and quickly turn on the microwave(have to be fast
> so you don't let the candle smother itself out).  You will get a nice
> ball of plasma.   I've never seen this hurt the microwave, but if you
> do this, it's at your own risk  lol   Also,  a tea candle has a lil
> metal thingy at the bottom, but that doesn't seem to be a problem
> with sparking as long as it's covered in wax, but I guess if that was
> a concern, a person could hold the wick and dip the plastic 'holder'
> into some very hot water until the candle starts to melt and can be
> pulled out...to remove the tab.
> Mike
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>  >I got the same results from playing with thin aluminum foil and a
>  >flyback transformer (which put out particularly nasty currents for its
>  >size).  I didnt think much of it at the time, but it looks stunningly
>  >like the results presented.
>  >
>  >Video from years ago:
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