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RE: Tesla ray gun

Original poster: "Ken Willison" <kwillison2@xxxxxxx>

Phil I am new to the high voltage thing but I am trying to build a Tesla
coil and I am also working on producing hydrogen for fuel. Have a test
engine set up for that purpose. I would like to see what you are doing. My
cell is 338-5321.

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 >Is there anyone working on coils in Norfolk Va. Area

     Ken, I'm in Va Beach. There's a younger guy out in Chesapeake,
but he's working on mostly other low-powered high voltage stuff. I
occasionally buy odds and ends, like MOT's or flybacks off him.
     I got into Tesla coils in high school (20 years ago). I've built
a couple of medium-sized coils recently. Latest one is a
Blake-propeller SRSG on a 6" form. I've got a 10kVA pole pig for a
big coil. I just bought the G-10 and a taper-lock bushing to fab the
big SRSG, I've already got big tungsten rods and a synch-modded 3/4 HP
     I think the SISG is really the best setup so far for a
bulletproof coil. I'm thinking hard about setting my pig to 7.2kV,
and running the coil as a big SISG one.
     I'm also working on a large Marx generator, using some surplus
radar filter caps. I've got some other high-energy projects in the
works, including a 50kV DC cap. Buddy of mine here in Va Beach has a
pair of smaller caps that he used to do quarter-shrinking with.
     I've been up to the TCBOR/HEAS meetings in Richmond at Rich
Hull's place a coupla times. Fascinating stuff, no matter what the topics

-Phil LaBudde