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John Freau's Phase Controller

Original poster: westland <westland@xxxxxx>

I know the application of John Freau's Phase controller has been discussed previously; in particular Terry Fritz conducted some rather involved tests, and ultimately was able to attain 70 degrees advance with the circuit. I've not been as successful. I've been trying the circuit on a .35 A Oriental synchronous (reaction) motor with a variety of capacitor sizes, though, and at best can only achieve 15 degrees of change. My variac is a small one, with inductance tuning from 0 to 400 nH ... I can generally use less than 100 nH before I lose synch on the motor. I've followed John's advice to look for the cap that provides around 3-5 volt rise on the motor usage (somewhere around 3-4 microF) but to no avail. And I've tried cap sizes ranging from 1 microF to around 50 microF. Has anyone had a similar experience with the circuit ... there don't seem to be too many parameters to adjust, and with so many success stories, I wonder if it is not just one of the idiosyncrasies of this particular motor.
Chris Westland