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RE: Ball lightning, very close hit

Original poster: "Godfrey Loudner" <ggreen@xxxxxxxx>

It is suggestive that the ball lightning formed over quartzite. Maybe
electric fields are enhanced above big fracture planes in quartzite
during the approach of a thunderstorm. But what I find puzzling is that
some of the ball lightning disappears with a loud report. Is there a
vacuum inside the ball? Is the ball a sort of capacitor that finally

Godfrey Loudner

Original poster: "D.C. Cox" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've watched it for nearly 20 minutes one summer evening.  It formed
under the V-shaped support wires to a large radio tower.  The tower
was anchored in quartzite.  After building in size under the v-shaped
grounded support wires, it would detach and move downward and outward
into the air, usually existing for 15-30 seconds before
"popping".  Some exploded with a barely audible pop and some exploded
like a firecracker.  Later we noted a large pile of leaves that were
attracted to the base of the tower suggesting electrostatics in
play.  A powerful thunderstorm followed about 10 minutes later.

No doubt in my mind --- it's a real physical phenomonena.  I suspect
it's an electrostatics related effect.

Dr. Resonance