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Re: Ball lightning, very close hit

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

>  > What is ball lightning right now, except a religious belief to some
> people?

> Have you studied the topic?  Obviously not.  I strongly suggest that you
> read the Ball Lightning article in this months' issue of Skeptic
> magazine. Track down some of the references given.
   Also, might Try library for copy of:
      Ball Lighting and Bead Lightning (or close to that)
      By Dr Dale Barry
   A tad dated (1970s?) but quite serious, professional work.
   (I see one copy, used, for $60.  My copy, used, cost less,
    but i got lucky & it was years ago.)

   (It was not until the 1830s that 'meteorites' were accepted as real:
      SOMEtimes it is possible to be over skeptical.)

    If ANYone knows of a reasonably serios forum for BL news, I'd appreciate
    hearing about it.