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Re: Garage door opener vs. Tesla coil

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I feel your pain, man ;^/ When I was initially firing up
my Green Monster coil http://www.teslauniverse.com/members/drieben/
I tried to turn the variac up just enough to barely make
it fire inside my garage so I could tune it in, but low and
behold, my garage door opener ended up biting the dust
anyway! And no, it wasn't cheap to repair ($300)! I don't
know what size coil your running, but the only "safe" way to
run mine is to roll it out down the driveway to about 35 ft mi-
nimum from the house before firing. Haven't smoked anymore
garage doors openers since taking this measure!

David Rieben

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Subject: Garage door opener vs. Tesla coil

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> I looks like my coil murdered my garage door opener. While running
> the coil in the garage, the garage door  opened on it's own & then
> died. I now have to open & close the door manually. I was careful to
> position the coil far enough away so that no arcs could strike the
> opener or anything connected to it, and it still seems to have
> succumed to the coils effects somehow.
> My question is, other than unplugging the opener, are there any
> preventative measures I can take to protect the garage door
> motor/receiver? Or is there just no safe way to run the coil indoors?
> I imagine the repairs won't be cheap so I'd like to avoid a
> repeat.  Thx for any advice.  Dennis Hopkinton MA
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