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RE: Ball Lightning

Original poster: "sy" <youngs@xxxxxxxxx>

We had a friend here in Utah that told us of several one to three inch BLs
that appeared mid-air in their house, and then disappeared with a "poof"
sound.  Immediately thereafter, their house was hit by lightning which did
some damage but didn't hurt anyone.

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Original poster: William Beaty <billb@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, Tesla list wrote:

 > Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 > This may be one explanation of ball lightning, however, I have
 > witnessed it firsthand, and suspect it was an electrostatic
 > effect.

Some BL reports say that it can form suddenly indoors, as if "winking on"
but not drifting in from outside.   If so, then it's not exactly
electrostatic, since a house will shield the DC thunderstorm field.  More
likely it requires a transient high e-field such as those in the miles of
space surrounding a lightning strike.

I see a couple of Youtube videos of apparent ball lightning.