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RE: Griffith Observatory Park Tesla Coil

Original poster: "Anthony R. Mollner" <penny831@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Mr. Wysock did a wonderful job on restoring or refurbishing that coil. I saw
that coil in operation when I was in fourth grade and after that I dreamed
of building one of my own. I had no idea that some day I really would do it
but, it was an inspiration to me and I'm happy that it has remained on
display for future generations to enjoy. Maybe some of those future
generation might be as inspired by it as much as I was.


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Hello Jim and all.

Yes, the Tesla Coil at the Griffith Observatory still has its original
flat copper bar primary, secondary, and 12" discharge ball.  Dr. Crupp,
the Director of the Observatory, insisted that even all the copper oxide
petena be kept just as it has aways been.  This was difficult for me
as I reinstalled the coil.  You can see pictures of the coil in its new
on my web site: http://www.ttr.com.

The capacitor bank, synchronous rotary spark gap, high voltage
transformer and power controller are all new units.   Designed, built and
installed by myself.

I understand that some 3,000 people/day are there at the Observatory;
weekends being the busiest.

Best regards,
Bill Wysock.

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 > Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 > Hello All,
 > I haven't had a chance to go see the remodeled Observatory yet. Does
 > the Tesla coil still use a buss like primary? Also is the primary
 > capacitor a modern version rather than the original glass plates?
 > Thanks,
 > Jim Mora

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