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Re: Transformer capacitor and WINTESLA

Original poster: "Steve Cook" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey somebody visited my site!
Actually I'm building a new one, but because of work committments (new job), home life (new wife) and the time needed to take pics of new gear its taking a long time.
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Subject: Transformer capacitor and WINTESLA

Original poster: "James Howells" <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I saw the post from Drake to Chris about Transformer Capacitor values and I THINK the link was not the one intended

I found wintesla  at the following site
together with lots of other interesting stuff

Thanks TO EVERYONE who answered my question about the filament winding on MOT.

So, after looking at WINTESLA ( the proper one and not all those about unlocking mobile phones) .............WHAT IS THE POWER CORRECTION CAPACITANCE ... WHERE DO I USE THAT ?


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