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Static Spark Gap Design Questions

Original poster: "Atirlein Atirlien" <atirlien@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I?m in the process of designing and building a static spark gap to be used with some table top Tesla coil experiments that I plan to do. I?ll be playing with various voltages and physical configurations.

The power source is a 12K 30 Ma NST controlled via a variac and protected with a Terry filter. I?ll be using a LTR mmc capacitor in the range of .015 MFD.

The gap proper will be made up of 10 ¼ inch tungsten electrodes each mounted in a fined heat sink and utilized to make 5 adjustable static gaps which can then be connected in series or parallel configurations.

I?m thinking that I might like to develop gap spacing for say 12 K, and then vary the number of gaps used for 3K, 6K, and 9K, but that?s one of many experiments planned.

I have a couple of questions for the list.
In my beginning design what would be a good maximum spacing for:
1.  The actual end to end of the tungsten rods?
2.  The side to side spacing between the heat sinks?



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