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Re: Ball Lightning from high-amp discharge

Original poster: "M G" <gt4awd@xxxxxxxxx>

>Original poster: Mike
>But if anyone here has an appropriate supply, there's still something
>they can explore: striking those balls with a TC discharge. Corum and
>Corum noted that the small BLs that they created with two mis-tuned
>TCs would grow much larger after being hit with a streamer.

>>Hey Bill,
>>Did you get my offlist email? Anyway, I don't think these
>>guys quite got it the way Tesla did.....but it was a cool video.

Hi all, I remember seeing pictures on a website that seemed to
show a tesla coil creating ball lightning from the topload as it ran.
These photographs looked amazing, but I can't seem to find them
agian. If anyone knows the website that has these photographs
please share the link.
This happens as a result of the coil running very high amperage or
is there more involved to create ball lightning using a tesla coil?

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