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Re: electromagnetic shielding components

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: "JT Bowles" <jasotb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I currently have an ignition coil powered monopole tesla coil(nicely
> built). It is run off a 12v, that goes into a 555 timer pulsing
> squarewave into a 2N3055. This in turn pusles 12v into an ignition coil.
> I have  the whole igniton coil drive circuit, and the ignition coil in
> the  base of my coil - just 4 inches below my primary coil. I noticed
> while connecting the battery, sparks of up to 1/2" in length jump to  my
> hands (from the battery terminals). I know this isn't too bad for the
> drive circuit, because after a good 20 minutes of compiled use it still
> works. But, it cant be too good either.

> I am wondering if placing a sheet of steel directly underneath the top
> of the base (above the top is the primary) will at least hinder the
> electromagnetic field reaching the drive circuit.
    I would expect it to accomplish little.  The EM field will:
      calmly couple around the edge of the plate.
       be on the wires passing thru, thus bypassing the
       added shield.

    Might be interesting top dig thru the archives at
     Faraday cage

> Or, will this sheet just waste vital energy from the primary field?
    Likely some.

> In addition, will that steel or copper sheet mess up my counterpoise
> effect, that I have bolted to the base of my coil?
    Not clear what the geometry is, here, how things are arranged.

    I'm guessing:

   (proposed shield)
     Drive Box


   Dunno if this helps.