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Re: Transformer Need

Original poster: G Hunter <dogbrain_39560@xxxxxxxxx>

A 4400vac pole transformer?  Probably not, but you
have numerous options:

1) I think 4800vac@5kva is a standard US size single
phase distribution transformer.  Just go to any pole
transformer dealer and buy one.  If 4800vac is too
high, you can back it off easy enough using a big
variac, or use the +/- 5% taps on the low voltage side
of the pole transformer.  -5% should get you down to
4560vac--close enough.

2) 4400vac/5kva sounds like the right size for a big
plate transformer.  Is this a VTTC?  In any case, surf
the web for surplus amateur radio parts.  I bet a big
4.4kv power amp plate transformer can be found if you
are persistent.

3) Obtain a matched pair of the biggest microwave oven
transformers available.  These will be about 2100vac
at 1.5kva.  Wire the primaries in series (for 240vac
operation) but reverse-phased, and wire the
secondaries in series using midpoint chasis ground.
In other words, connect the MOT cores together and
take your 4200vac off the two HV tabs. These can
probably supply 5kva for short periods, especially if
they are immersed in mineral oil.

4) Salvage the transformer from an old 230Amp AC arc
welder and rewind the secondary for 4400vac.  Due to
the relatively modest voltage you are seeking, it
shouldn't be too big of a chore to wind such a

Good Luck,


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: Frank <fxrays@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi all,
> I am trying to locate parts to build a coil from a
> 1937 article I have.
> Does anyone know where I can obtain an old pole
> transformer, 4400 V
> to 120 V 5 KVA?
> This was common for houses back then but impossible
> to find so far.
> I do not want a modern higher voltage transformer as
> I do not need
> higher current, voltage or size.
> Thanks ,Frank

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