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Re: Transformer Need

Original poster: Bert Hickman <bert.hickman@xxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Frank <fxrays@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,
I am trying to locate parts to build a coil from a 1937 article I have.
Does anyone know where I can obtain an old pole transformer, 4400 V to 120 V 5 KVA?
This was common for houses back then but impossible to find so far.
I do not want a modern higher voltage transformer as I do not need higher current, voltage or size.
Thanks ,Frank

Hi Frank,

I have a couple of 2400 volt/120 volt 20:1 750 VA potential transformers that could be connected in series to get you near the desired output. The pair should easily be capable of delivering 3 kW for intermittent TC use.

They are each "single ear" type (measuring between phase to neutral in a wye circuit), so only one side is designed to operate at high potential. The model number on the faceplate is 643X85. The outline drawing and specs for similar JVM-3 transformers (they appear to be similar to model 763X021042) are below:

They weigh about 30 pounds each. Let me know if you're interested - I no longer have any need for them. Looking to get about $30 each for them plus shipping. I'm located near Chicago.

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