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I am back....on the VTTC project.

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


Hello.  I have returned to the list after something
like two years.  Other hobbies, and a lack of funds
have kept me from coiling a lot over the last couple

Around the time I last posted on the list I was
working on my first VTTC.  It was originally going to
be a 304TL based project, but then a generous coiler
donated a pair of 833A tubes.  I decided to keep
things simple at first and use only one tube in order
to replicate Steve Ward's work with his Single 833A
VTTC Project.
Once I have gained some experience with VTTC circuits,
I plan on branching out into more uncharted areas.

I am also a member of the ham radio community
(KI4DBK), and attend all the nearby (and sometimes not
so nearby) hamfests.  I have seen nearly unlimited
supplies of old rare tubes, sockets, power resistors,
transformers, capacitors, etc.  One thing I would like
to do eventually, would be to create a VTTC where as
many of the components' values would be variable as
possible, in order to allow the tube to be easily
substituted.  I know other coilers (such as John
Freau) have done research into tube type vs. spark
length, but I would like to contribute this type of
data in the future using rare tubes I find in the ham
community sales and giveaways.  I have run across many
power tubes in the past for free/trade or very cheap
in the past.

I have a few questions to ask the VTTC savvy on the
list regarding the 833A project, but I will post these
later.  Thanks!

-Brett Miller

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