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Re: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tom, all,

I'm a full-time firefighter, going on over 18 years now, and
I'll admit, that is a novel way to use fire hose couplings.
However, I haven't seen any REAL brass coupling butts
in a number of years, as all of the new hose that my employer
is now buying comes with  couplings that appear to be made
of a ligth-weight, composite alloy. Additionally, the large
diameter hose (LDH) that we use to route the water from the
fireplug to the pumper truck is 5" diameter and has "Stortz
quik-connect" alloy couplings that only require a 90* turn to
connect/disconnect and can be done by hand with no spanner
wrench. Well, enough about the latest fire hose couplings, I'm
just saying that solid brass, threaded style couplings in the 4"
to 6" size category may not be as readily available today as
they were in days gone buy, mainly do to the weight issue
with brass. One may have to scrounge and salvage old LDH
fire hose to find real brass coupling butts.

David Rieben

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> >>>  You can't get cheaper and simpler than some saw cuts and
> >>>electrical tape.
> >>>
> >>>-Phil LaBudde
> >>>(save your time and money for the IGBT's)
> >>>
> >>>Although I'm a big advocate of going cheaply as possible,  I'd
> >>>have a problem with the visual asthetics of this idea when
> >>>spending thousands on what is a showpiece.
> >>
> >>
> >>I'd suggest getting a plug and socket made for each joint.  The
> >>plug and socket would consist of a 4" OD taper by about 12"
> >>long.   These should be accurately turned to be +/- 0.001 (or
> >>better).  Then,  get them gold plated with at least 0.005 of  24K
> >>gold.     Also,  there should be a mechanism like a pipe union that
> >>snugs the joint together.
> >
> >That's a clever idea.  Coarse thread, like a firehose coupling, you
> >can put a wrench on it, pulls the joint together. In fact, you might
> >look at firehose couplings.. 4", brass, etc.
> D'OH !!!!
> I'm a volunteer firefighter.  I should have thought of that
> !!!   Brilliant non-traditional use of materials and resources.  My
> helmet is off to you.