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Re: Schematics?

Original poster: Mddeming@xxxxxxx
Hi Alex,

Coils been successfully done both ways. HOWEVER, data from a large population shows that the median life expectancy of an NST is much greater with the gap across the transformer than with the cap across the transformer. Consult the archives for the physics behind the practice.
Hope this helps.

Matt D.

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> Hey guys, well i got the transformers up and running, turns out the
> GFCI is on the outside no need to melt down any potting materials
> phew... however how should i wire the tank circuit, do i put the
> spark gap across the hv with the capacitor on one side or do i wire
> the capacitor before the spark gap? there are a few schematics out
> there, just wondering which ones you guys have used with the most
> success etc. cheers in advance!