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BIG and medium X-RAY Tranny's gotta go..

Original poster: "Jack King" <ekklekktikk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

My garage, carport, and driveway are bursting at the seams...

Still have half a dozen X-RAY Transformers - convnentional 60 hz stuff - from about 80KVP thru 125 KVP and 250 - 700 MA range. Would like to see them land in hands that can use them and will sell them for prices in-line with what the scrap metal vendors pay for the cores and copper. So in the $200 range and under $400 for the biggest ones left. Crating will be free - and I get a 70% discount with one major truck line -

Holler if you need one - more - or all

I thank you (and so do my neighbors)

Jack 801-604-5136

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