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Re: Antonio de Queiroz' TESLASIM program

Original poster: "WESTLAND James C" <westland@xxxxxx>


I finally got this to work ... just a matter of fiddling with it long
enough.  I love the programs you have on your website, as well as your
'encyclopedia' of electrostatic machines ... what fun.  It looks like you
must have quite a collection in your office!  I've spent a good deal of
time with TeslaSim just finding out the impact of various design

OK (some requests) ... if you ever do get back to working on the TeslaSim
program again, it would be interesting to be able to take some response
curves (the envelopes for the voltage in the secondary) and back into
feasible sets of coil geometries (same for MagSim).

Again, great site, and probably the best reference on the web for
explaining what Tesla really built and why / how it works.

Chris Westland

> Original poster: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmdq@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Tesla list wrote:
>>Original poster: "WESTLAND James C" <westland@xxxxxx>
>>The one problem I've had is with getting screen copies of my inputs and
>> outputs (I'd especially love to get the graphs, as these are scaled,
>> unlike optesla which seems to input only a low voltage 'trigger' to the
>> system.  I've tried ST.EXE in addition to Prntscrn on the keyboard, but
>> at best I just get a black background with no text or graphs.... I've
>> also tried the very flexible HyperSnap, with similar results.
> ST (screenthief) works. You have to open the DOS screen (execute cmd  in
> Windows XP), run ST,
> then run Teslasim, and when you want to capture the screen press
> Ctrl-Alt-T. Teslasim can save a table of the current plot, that you can
> plot with  other program, and can save the
> text in the messages window too.
> I am not working on that program anymore. Maybe some day I write a
> better one...
> Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

J. Christopher Westland
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