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Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>

Cadmium and lead? Where did you get that information?
Since the pvc pipe we use is used for drinking water
or sewerage, I doubt they'd deliberately use heavy
metals for that. AWWA and the Clean Water Act might
not approve.


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: StephenTetorka@xxxxxx
> Certain PVC formulations contain heavy metals which
> are used to
> stabilize the material...Cadmium and Lead are two
> such metals.
> An easy way to determine if a PVC has metal is to
> put the material in
> a microwave oven...say 1 to 2 minutes....if it gets
> hot ( some of my
> samples actually melted )...that PVC indeed has
> metal in it.
> Note:  the frequency of my mobile loading coil
> changed after placing
> the PVC cover over the assembly....it got hot in the
> microwave.
> Also...dielectric constant for "PVC" is around
> 4...FYI...wonder has
> this changes with formulation??
> Kind regards,
> Steve

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