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Re: Antonio de Queiroz' TESLASIM program

Original poster: Dave Leddon <dave@xxxxxxxxxx>


I like SnagIt which can capture anything and output it any format you desire, including directly to the printer. See www.SnagIt.com

At 05:56 PM 1/9/2007, you wrote:
Original poster: "WESTLAND James C" <westland@xxxxxx>

I've been playing with Antonio de Queiroz TESLASIM program in designing my
coil any love the ability to actually see how each parameter affects the
voltage and current resonances between primary and secondary coils.  It's
also the only program that seems to compute coupling; and to see how
increased coupling speeds up the transfer back and forth of energy.

The one problem I've had is with getting screen copies of my inputs and
outputs (I'd especially love to get the graphs, as these are scaled,
unlike optesla which seems to input only a low voltage 'trigger' to the
system.  I've tried ST.EXE in addition to Prntscrn on the keyboard, but at
best I just get a black background with no text or graphs.... I've also
tried the very flexible HyperSnap, with similar results.

Has anyone played with these packages before (or if Antonio de Queiroz is
reading do you have a solution to ScreenPrint for this program).  I would
very much like to capture the graphs.

Chris Westland

J. Christopher Westland
EM: westland@xxxxxx
TEL: 852 9528 1745