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Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 05:56 PM 1/9/2007, Tesla list wrote:
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Certain PVC formulations contain heavy metals which are used to stabilize the material...Cadmium and Lead are two such metals.

An easy way to determine if a PVC has metal is to put the material in a microwave oven...say 1 to 2 minutes....if it gets hot ( some of my samples actually melted )...that PVC indeed has metal in it.

Note: the frequency of my mobile loading coil changed after placing the PVC cover over the assembly....it got hot in the microwave.

Also...dielectric constant for "PVC" is around 4...FYI...wonder has this changes with formulation??

Yes. And with the manufacturing process and fillers used in the extrusion process.

PVC pipe is one of those materials that works great for its intended purpose (cold water at 100 psi), and might work ok for other applications. Some PVC pipe works great for RF, other doesn't. Even two pieces cut from the same 10 foot stick might be different.

It IS cheap though, and worth trying.

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