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RE: Unpotted NST [Franceformer sells one]

Original poster: "alfred erpel" <alfred@xxxxxxxxx>


Franceformer sells a rugged looking, and compact (I own one) unpotted
tranformer with plenty of shunts which can be removed.  It is part number
6025 SEG-U.  Rated at 6000 volts,  190VA in it's stock condition.  I haven't
given it a work out yet doing anything special so cannot attest to its
actual ruggedness.

click link or copy and paste it.


Al Erpel

[stuff snipped]

> I've already check out this exact idea, contacting both
> Jefferson and Franceformer,  and for legal reasons, the
> lawyers will not allow the sale of any unpotted nsts ---
> failure to meet UL standards which could potentially cause a
> fire.  If an employee tries to buy one "on the side", he is
> told he will be fired for putting the company at risk.  I
> know someone "inside" and they just can not and will not do it.
> The insurance company pays and then sues the neon xmfr mfgr
> for the cost of your house plus "expenses".
> I think the single MOT coil Terry developed and the dual MOT
> coil we are both developing will be the wave of the future.
> Low weight and solid state state switching for sparks up to
> 7.5 ft on our dual MOT design.  No nsts.
> Dr. Resonance