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Re: Geissler and/or Neon Tube in Microwave Oven?

Original poster: William Beaty <billb@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 7 Jan 2007, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Tedd Payne" <teddp2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I'd like to know from multiple people who have actually done it, what
> all happens, maybe it simply lights up?

Since the oven is essentially a thousand-watt high-freq power supply, you
end up with a thousand-watt Geissler tube.

The plasma is so hot that its pressure rises above one atmosphere.  It's
so hot that it can heat up the glass to the temperature where glass
becomes conductive and starts absorbing microwaves.  When that happens, a
red hot bubble in the glass wall expands and goes "POW," blowing outwards.
(But, depending on the oven, it does take a couple of minutes before this

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