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Re: Fw: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi James,

The value of ballast inductance depends on what current you want to limit at.

The reactance of the inductance is:

XL = V/I           (neglecting the winding resistance)

L = XL / (2*pi*line_frequency)

You may also want to be aware of the affect the Cp load you are driving has. If you use a SRSG, for example, this impedance on the secondary of the power source will reflect to its primary and cancel to some extent th XL of your ballast impedance and larger current can result.

Gerry R.

Original poster: "James Howells" <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for the reply : yes I wanted to know how
to calculate what ballast I need ( what value of L )

I do not know what a  LC R is
I have some Fluorescent lamp ballasts but I think these will be TOO small
( they have MARKINGS of 50w A 0.67N AND LAMBDA 0.48)
I would be prepared to make or buy the chokes (
Dr R. gave me a practical solution:  for which I
am most grateful- (3ft of PVC pipe filled with
steel chips, and then a winding of 400 turns - I
have the laminates from a big transformer so this
should be suitable as it should be  high silicon steel) .
Just a note on the cost of things here ( my
Brother is in Vacaville Ca. so I get some
feedback from him) Roughly everything in the UK
is the same price as in the USA except in
Pounds  not dollars; and so, in real terms, twice as expensive
From another thread, I saw your lighting dimmers were about  2-3 dollars
the cheapest here is £7 gbp  that is about 13 USD !
The average small car is about 26 000 USD;
gasoline is  about 9 dollars a UK gallon

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