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RE: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi D.C.,

That is one monster sounding coil you are planning... I'd like to see it
once it's running...

As for your issue, what about the following:

1) Cut the primary tubing into manageable sections
2) Cut round copper end caps for each end of each section
3) Drill three or four matching holes in each cap
4) Solder or braze end caps into each end of each section
5) Cut holes near the ends of each section on the inside curvature
6) Use short bolts and wing nuts with washers to hold each section to the

You would need to use a think plate for the end caps so they would support
the weight obviously, and you might even thing about some wings on either
side of the plate that went down into the section for added strength.

Just a thought...

Good luck with your endeavor.