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Re: What now? I'm new

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx

Welcome to the list.  There are many ways to build a Tesla coil.
It seems you're well on your way towards learning.  The 4kV NST
can work.  Some folks on this list have used similar transformers
and have gotten from 12" to 16" sparks or around such lengths.

I think the reason unipolar coils are more popular than bipolar
types is because the sparks jump right into the air rather than
transversing a gap.  But many folks build bipolar coils too.  Such
coils have their own charm and intriguing characteristics.

My first TC used glass plate caps too.  The X-ray transformer
I used kept cracking the glass from over-voltage.

Anyhow my website is at:


Maybe you'll find something interesting there.