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FW: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

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Subject: RE: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

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The primary is 3.1 turns, tapped, with a total of 3.5 turns.  Our
original design was to use 4 inch copper tubing to form the pri, but
this is where the problem is coming into play.  If we build a 26 ft
dia coil, 3 turns, of 4 inch dia copper tubing, how do we disassemble
the beast for transport.?

**** Dr R, This is an idea from an old machinist trying to keep the
secondarys smooth. Machine copper blocks into a segment of a circle,
that will fit inside your secondary tube. Put SS threaded inserts
(keenserts) in the copper mating it to the outer tube. The inserts will
last much longer than threads in copper. You could even use flat head
screws and counter sink the tube.  Clamping your secondary together this
way will give you a smoother look than blocks.

        Rich , from the Middle of Missouri