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Re: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey D.C.,
If I understand you correctly you will be using 160kW at 800V. That is essentially 200 amps continuous current equivalent. At 800V, you should not really need a large radius of curvature to prevent corona losses. I'm looking at copper bus bars and it would appear you could use something like 1/8 in, by 3 1/2 inch buss bars, which would work for 800 amps rms for a 30º rise in temp, but for 200 amps, would probably stay pretty cool. At the low frequency you plan to use, I don't think skin depth would be a serious issue. The sections could be bolted together with enough overlap to minimize resistance. Just a thought. Here's the link I was looking at.



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