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RE: magnetrons as diodes

Original poster: "Rich & DJ" <rdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well I must say that an 866 has its own type of glow, much nicer than a
1n4007 and my 304TL's look much better than any glowing semi-conductor.
I never did care for solid state coils until I saw one with dragons.

        Rich , from the middle of Missouri

Subject: Re: magnetrons as diodes

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Original poster: HomerLea@xxxxxxx
I couldn't pass this one up. 40+ years I built a Cockroft-Walton
voltage multiplier using 8020 and 705A tubes. At one point testing it
the plates on the 8020s turned red so I thought "oops, better turn it
off". Nothing was damaged; don't get a second chance like that with
solid state. The tubes also make for a lot more interesting looking
device. I still have piles of the tubes so if I live long enough I
hope to construct another CW multiplier.
Jim Heagy, old fashion fan of tubes"

    As an "old tube guy" in all regards I'm constantly reminded that
transistors give up without a whimper but tubes always put up a good
fight no matter how you abuse them!  Of course, you do need a
filament supply (several in a CW) and 1N4007's don't and they are
awfully cheap......................