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RE: ganging up cheap generators

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Jim, et all.

Yes, the simplicity of this thought is appealing; and, since,
they will see very low duty cycle, they should last awhile. So. Ca. will be
a very good place to have a genset someday...

I can testify to what a hassle it is to put together a 10KW 3P diesel system
- after mine was all bolted up, the engine froze (came from a boat):-( I now
have an excellent Isuzu Industrial Diesel and am putting it back together

Diesel clearly has advantages if they are not used for long periods of time
and the need for fuel stability in storage is a consideration.

Jim Mora

(this to power my DC Coil)

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Subject: ganging up cheap generators

Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I notice that there has been a recent influx of very inexpensive
imported generators.  Today's Sunday LA Times has ads for 2kW
generators for under $200 and 3kW for $250.  Sure, these aren't
electric start, they're probably noisy as all get out, and are not
necessarily the most durable and rugged things.

BUT, for those folks looking for a (portable) power supply for a
bigger coil, and worried about zapping their home electronics by
interconnecting to the mains power, this is interesting.  When the
coil is running, you'll probably not hear the generator.

Another intriguing possibility is that one can conceivably
interconnect 2 or 3 of these to make 3 phase power if you're running
a big DC coil.  Yes, one could go do a REAL 3 phase 9-10kW generator,
and get better performance, but I'll bet it would cost more than the
$750 it would take to buy 3 of the 3kW imports.

OTOH, maybe there's also cheap imported 3 phase generators.