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***SALE Spun Aluminum Toroids.

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx
Hello all,

Now, bargain prices for the beautiful 1.75" x 6" spun aluminum toroids.
Only $39 each, or two for $73.  Free Priority Mail shipping to anywhere
within the USA.  A great value for this quality hand-crafted item.
The size is the overall size.  There is a 1/4" dia. mounting hole at
the center.

Spun toroids are considered the gold-standard for topload excellence.
Give your project the professional appearance it deserves with one
of these fine toroids.  Spun toroids provide a number of advantages
over corregated toroids;  1) The entire project becomes imbued with
a look of pristine quality and wonder.  Impress your friends.
2) Sparks can be longer for a given toroid size and power input.
3) Spark roots glide slowly over the toroid surface as the sparks emanate.

These toroids are perfect for small spark gap coils, SSTC's,
tube coils, and as sub-toroids below a larger main toroid.
They are also suitable for marx generators and other HV projects.

Quantities are limited.

Easy to order, just go to your PayPal on-line account and click on
"send money", and type in my e-mail address < FutureT@xxxxxxx >


John Freau