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MOT current limiting reactor

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

One of the problems you are having is that no univ. would know the hysteresis curves for the steel you intend to use so they have no way to predict the current limiting ability of the reactor.

We use 1018 CRS (cold rolled steel) in 1/8th inch thickness. Easy to cut fast with a "chop saw" abrasive cutoff wheel.

A 3 inch ID PVC tube approx 30 inches long, fill with 1/8 inch cut steel rod CRS 1018) x 29.75 inches long, and wind 400 turns of #12 AWG wire. You can tap the winding every 50 turns to adjust the current level where you need it. We usually tap above 200 turns. RTV silicone in place inside the tube and add 1/8th phenolic or PVC endcaps --- silicone in place.

Dr. Resonance

Thanks for the "primer" on MOT

As I will construct a power supply from my MOT eventually .... can anyone help with how to determine the size of ballasts ... I have e-mail 4 UK universities and spent 50 or so hours surfing for information but still do not understand how to determine their size ( can one measure inductance with simple equipment ? ... i.e NO scope)

James Howells   ( England )

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