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Re: Unpotted NST

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey Gary,
How is Mike Hammer? I haven't talked to him in forever...wanna send me his email offlist? I'd love to catch up. More on topic.....one thing that makes a great potting compound is plain old ordinary petroleum jelly.....if you want it 'thicker' heat it and melt some wax into it...it's easy to work with and not too messy.

The answer is yes.  2 things I have tried are.  Melt the old tar and
mix in 50% high voltage oil.  Put the neon back into the original
metal case and pour in the tar. The best thing to do is build a
plexaglass box to place the unpotted neon in then fill it with high
voltage oil.  Mike Hammer says he builds plywood boxes covered with
polyester or fiberglass inside and out.  I tried the wood box thing
and it works fine to.  Glue a top on the box with a fill hole for the
oil.   If you have trouble finding high voltage oil there are other
oils you can use.  Caster oil works great.  I have also used uncented
lamp oil the one that says it is 100% parrifin wax.

Gary Weaver

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