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Original poster: "Alex July" <julez06@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey, Im slightly confused with regards to the new type of NST with GFCI...
I recently got hold of 2 Matel Resin Plus transformers, they are new
in box and completely untuched, I was aware of the GFCI included in
this type of transformer.
When you open up the cover panel to the connectors there is a black
box that is titled earth leakage safety switch, I guess this is the
GFCI right? on removing the box there are 4 screw in connectors shown
the earth, live, neutral, and a small white cable labeled E (the
secondary output is in another section). This is where I am confused
what does the E cable do and have i removed the GFCI? any help is
greatly apreciated. Alex