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Original poster: Sam Azar <fusion@xxxxxxxxxx>

has anyone ever tried to couple the energy from a running
microwave oven. for example, used an "antenae" in some kind of
dipole structure at the appropriate wavelength considerations
and extract the energy of the uwave. take this energy via
conductors and superimpose them upon the primary of the tesla
coil, thereby amplifying the original uwave signal to something
much larger in high voltage. obviosly should be attempted within
a faraday cage. also, if not in a tesla coil, has anyone
attempted to superimpose this extracted signal onto a stepup
transformer. i have began to try for personal reasons, my
initial attempts were to simple place threaded rods bents as
dipoles and placed within the cavity(threaded rods only because
it was within my line of site for use), i attached a conducting
wire to it, and out a vent hole made by manufacturer. the vent
hole is only a mm in diameter, thus i had to redrill the hole to
5/16 to fit my conducting wire. obviosly to not make any hole
close to the 1/4 wavelength of uwave.
i took this wire to a small doorbell transformer and wanted to
step it up(120/12vac--i went in reverse as stepup), i desired
that the output would be increased in voltage and i had the
output voltage wires close to each other to see if they would
arc to each other and verify uwave signal transfer.

results, there was a very small sparking between wires from
uwave cavity to the metal shell of the transformer immediatly at
the point of attachment to transformer, but no arcing at output
leads of said transformer. i continued with moving the "antenae)
around the cavity for different results(keep in mind i only
turned uwave on for several seconds, and face shield with metal
mesh screen attached to front in case some extracted signal is
then amplified and escaped and into retina of eyes-fully realize
this is somewhat dangerous-but in the name of science, i move on
like roetgen and plutonium in his pockets:).

i stopped the experiment becauise the 14 gauge wire i used to
connect onto the threaded rod mealted at the point of contact
passing thru the drilled hole. obvoiusly, some serious current
was being extrated and shorted thru the insulation to cavity
ground shell. i was going to try again with a larger hole
drilled and using a CERAMIC insulator to pass my conducting wire
thru it.

why am i doing this. the tesla coil is a high frequency high
voltage output. i want to have a microwave signal amplified at
"tesla voltages". i will then take the tesla uwave output and
direct it somewhere safely, obviosly not into free air.  i would
take the rf output and short it to a load. has anyone tried
anything along these lines, and ofcource , any comments
whatsoever are greatly appreciated.