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Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey well tomorrow im going to buy a capacitor of ebay i think .. and
well i had already bought one a 20kv cap at .1microF... my 12kv 30 ma

First off 0.1 uF is wayyyyyy too big for a 12/30 NST with a static gap. If I remember correctly, the correct (LTR) value (static spark gap) should be almost exactly 0.01uF. Regardless of the voltage rating, thats just too big for your coil. period. I might try and sell it on ebay if you havent fried it, as that is a fairly substantial capacitor.

nst cuts out via the current limitter i think, only when i try and
use it in parrelle and well i think thats cuz it may be a dc cap and
the dieletric is to weak to be across the leads but when its in
series it works great!... has any one else ever had this problem

Not familiar with what your talking  about. do you have an  MMC?

??... the one im going to by tomrorow is 0.03 uf at 33kv i think that

0.03uF is still too big....33KV should be good regardless of AC or DC. DC-you should get one about 3xvoltage of xfrmr

it may be ac for sure but i dont know and well is it worth my time if
im already having trouble... i have been having a hard time with
the cap would either of the ones i may have be ok or am i better of
making my own if so what one is the best to make?

I recommend looking at the program wintesla or going to <http://deepfriedneon.com>deepfriedneon.com and look at the MMC calculator. use Cornell-Dublier 942 series capacitors. search on <http://digikey.com>digikey.com, ask the list, or go to ebay....

good luck,
Drake Schutt

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