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RE: You Tube

Original poster: "Breneman, Chris" <brenemanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm not an expert on YouTube in particular, but I do have some experience with computer science and engineering in general. From what I can see, on YouTube, users can upload videos in a variety of formats. These videos are added into a queue on one of the YouTube servers (I'd rather guess they have many to share the large load they have). A program running on these servers goes through the queue and coverts these videos into a format which can be played using a Flash applet. I'm not sure what exactly this format is, but I do know that it is indexed and it can be streamed. It may even be embedded in the flash. The computers playing videos don't need any special player - just flash. I've used YouTube a bit and it gives individual users the chance to remove videos that they've previously uploaded, which might matter to some people. There are also the typical mechanisms of adding comments and ratings. You may also want to look at Google video - it's very similar to YouTube but I find that it has slightly faster upload rates and appears to do real-time conversion as its uploaded instead of putting it into a queue.


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Hi Everyone,

I remember a time when even a web page with coils was "slim pickins".
Nowadays, web pages of coilers are everywhere! Video however has
always been a big file to download in the past in most cases. With
You Tube, it seems a much better way to share video's of our coils
and whatever.

So, anyone care to shed some lightning on how You Tube works? Video
format! etc..

Take care,