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Re: another question

I didn't connect the diodes to MOT core ground, but I
don't think it matters one whit if you do or don't
ground the center of the diode string.  I also tried
it both ways when I was first developing this power
supply and I never saw any difference.  I left them
ungrounded for the sake of simplicity.

What kind of diodes are you using?  I used long series
strings of cheap 1N4007 (1kv/1A) standard silicon
rectifiers--the kind that are pennies each in bulk
from Mouser or DigiKey.  Since Katrina has ruined my
original ammo box power supply, I intend to
(eventually) rebuild it using 1kv/3A rectifiers.
These are so cheap from the various on-line dealers,
there's no reason not to.

Are you using safety gaps?  My earliest safety gap
setup was between the HV output lugs on the MOTs and
chassis ground.  I discovered this setup killed my
diode strings every time the safety gaps fired!  I
moved the safety gaps between the PSU output and the
TC input, and I never had another problem.  This
configuration ran like a champ for many years and went
to its watery grave having never once blown another



--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: Frosty <frosty90@xxxxxxxxx>
> Just another quick question,
> in a 2 MOT plus doubler setup, is it better to
> connect the cases of
> each MOT together and connect the 'center' of the
> two diodes to the
> cases, like this (i hope this diagram makes sense!)
>          |--------->|----|----->|------|
>          |                |             |
>        _|_               |           _|_
>        _ _               |           _ _
>          |                 |             |
>        MOT1   GROUND  MOT2
>                  (MOT cores)
> or the leave them unconnected, like this:
>         |--------->|--------->|------|
>          |                             |
>        _|_                          _|_
>        _ _                          _ _
>          |                              |
>        MOT1                 MOT2
> i have tried both and either way it works but i keep
> blowing
> diodes.......which is the best way to  connect it?
> Thanks
> Jesse Frost

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