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RE: Lightning Video

Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx I once came very close to getting struck by lightning this was about 1984. I was working in the garden when a thrunder strorm rolled in. Wind started picking up and lightning and thunder in the not so far distance. I headed to the house with a garden tool over my shoulder. About 5 ft from the house I suddenly felt the tingle of static build up on me sorta like standing very close to my TC. I dropped the garden tool and jumped under the eves of the house roof an a 1/2 second later there was a Lightning flash and a BOOM. There was no delay between the lightning flash and BOOM. I have no idea where the lightning struck but I think it was the aluminum gutter on the house.

A few years later I was standing at the back door watching a very amazing thunder storm. Lightning was tremendious and stricks were about ever 8 seconds. Lightning struck a large maple tree in my yard and sparks shot up out of the surface roots all around the tree about a 50 ft radius. Sparks were interesting sorta like 100's of 5 ft TC sparks coming up out of the ground from the roots. Roots commonly stick up on the ground surface from maple trees. After the storm was gone I noticed the tree was split down the middle all the way to the ground and the root knots on the surface of the ground had black burned spots on them. One root had a pile of corn stocks from the garden piled on it and the corn stocks were on fire down under where it was still dry. The next summer the tree died and I had to cut it down.

Gary Weaver