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Re: Tesla and Amateur Coilers WAS: Veeper website

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I think Tesla associated with a few "normal humans" too ;-)) We only "hear" about big meetings since little ones did not make the news of the time. Tesla was more than happy to demonstrate his "toys" and "play" with them. Unlike us, he got to show them off at the Chicago World's Fair... He certainly tried to patent everything to make money (lot of good that did...) but he really enjoyed his work and I think he would love Teslathons and such ;-)) I bet he would have brought a ton of his stuff to show too!!

In his later life he was a little odd, but in his younger days he was pretty "normal"... Of course, it is easy to "put words in his mouth" nowadays :o))



At 05:27 PM 5/30/2006, you wrote:

I'm sure Tesla wouldn't associate with any of "us" amateurs.  The only
company Tesla kept were that of high society.  Plus, most of us amateurs
only build Tesla coils for the arcs.  Tesla would probably look down
upon that as he was looking to transmit energy wirelessly.


PS, what did Tesla actually think of coilers of the time?  I recall a
quote where he told us to ignore 2-coil devices and instead attempt
building the true Tesla coil which employs 3 coils.  So, who built the
first big Magnifier?  Richard Hull?"

Of course, he never succeeded in transmitting (very much of) that energy. Wonder what he would think of "us amateurs" who have talked halfway around the world using his despised "Hertzian Waves" and with a power of less than a watt? Seriously, I wonder if there were any amateurs around with whom he might have had contact?