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Re: Racing Spark Prediction - poles

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


There is another factor that I am not sure has been mentioned that might contribute to racing arcs. This is the upper and lower tuning modes or poles that are so familiar to DRSSTC fans.


These two modes cause the "rift" in Lpri vs. coupling graphs like this:


They can produce very odd primary current waveforms like this:


Obviously a problem for DRSSTC folks trying to do zero current H-bridge switching... Although I think Steve Conner did manage it with even a PLL!!

But these two modes fighting (and possibly transitioning as a streamer changes the coil's tuning) probably present some pretty hard "kicks" to the secondary voltage profile.

"If" so, the racing arcs would be very sensitive to coupling and might actually go away with "increased" coupling. Very slight changes to primary to secondary tuning would also make or break the racing arcs. Depending on what happens when, I would think it would be possible for the arcs to appear anywhere on the secondary but they would probably be more likely near the bottom since that is where the drive is.

Sometime I will try to play with this. There is a lot going on and such measurements are filled with potential errors. The SISG solves many of them ;-)

Let me know if my thinking on this is incorrect.