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Re: Sold state IGBT disruptive coil spark gap idea (SISG)

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Sweet. Would this work on "pure" dc? Got a smps around my basement somewhere (looks like a bomb went off in a junkyard atm) that does 30 kV(oc) 100mA(sc). Regulation stinks (~50%), but doesn't mind dead shorts too much. Without the rectifier/filter stage it's 100kHz squarewave, but weighs less than 10 lbs. Not much of a filter cap needed with only 5-10% off time between each pulse.

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Subject: Re: Sold state IGBT disruptive coil spark gap idea (SISG)

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I finally had time to do some more SISG work ;-)

I actually got the measured top voltage on the scope, ScanTesla, and MicroSim to all agree now:


Here is a strike to ground. Note how the energy in the primary is not drained and is actually able to "recharge" the secondary system some after a ground strike:


The only real odd problem is that the firing in my system is very chaotic:


So I am no longer confident in the Freau numbers I gave before at all... It runs real good, but I would like it to be a stable 120BPS... Probably all the chokes, rectifiers, caps, etc. messing around with each other... The primary current is probably much higher than I thought which is good since the IGBT heating will be even less than expected ;-)