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Re: Continuously variable primary

Original poster: Greg Leyh <lod@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ken, Scott,

Kelek still has her coil, but no where to run it at the present. She had built an 'iron maiden' of sorts for it, so that volunteers could watch the arcs land inches from their face, along the cage material.

I haven't been able to run my 480V 3PH coil (the 120L50K) since 2003, when the new Navy base commander came along and prohibited everything that scared him... which was a good many things. Recently, I've acquired a new industrial site in San Francisco suitable for operating the 120L50K, with 60ft ceilings and a dual-bridge overhead gantry crane. I'm currently installing 480V 3PH service there, and hope to be operational in about a month. Perhaps later this summer we should consider having a No. Cal. Teslathon there.


Original poster: "Scott Hanson" <huil888@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ken -

The BIG 440/3 phase coil was Greg Leyh's resonant-charged DC coil; the next biggest coil with the huge copper toroid was built by Kellek Stevens. I don't know if she is still involved in any Tesla coil activities, or where her coil is.

Scott Hanson
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Original poster: "K. C. Herrick" <kchdlh@xxxxxxx>

I remember that! Also, the humungeous big coil, that usually lives there, was fired up. Off of 440, 3 phase; gigantic buzzing, sinuous arcs; the Navy (who owned the property) found out about it and...no more No. Cal. Teslathons there, or else imprisonment in the brig for sure! Also, a very nice large coil that was made by a young lady; had 3 legs with wheels so it could be moved around. Whose is the humungeous one?...I've forgotten. And the young lady?...she's no longer a coiler, I suppose. Pity...