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Re: Fried Primary Transformer??

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, very good chance you did.

When you removed the secondary coil, you removed the "load". The primary Q factor increases tremendously and the primary voltage with increase as Q x Erms so the primary voltage went suddenly very high which usually blows caps and xmfrs. Never operate under power without the sec coil in place!

It's like taking the load off your car engine, ie, putting it into neutral, then flooring the gas pedal until the engine blows. No load, high rpm and engine death. No load in Tesla circuit, extremely high Q factor, high primary voltage until cap blows or xmfr blows. A Terry filter might have saved your xmfr but this is the worst possible case for the cap and xmfr.

Dr. Resonance

Original poster: "Victor Valencia" <victor_valencia2@xxxxxxxxxx>

I was trying to tune the spark gap
by sequentially increasing the total
gap.  I disconnected/removed the secondary coil
before starting.  Eventually there
was a spark that jumped between the primary
and the safety rail (goes to ground) but
I forgot to connect the ground wire
and it was connected to the primary case
only.  Now nothing happens when I turn
it on.  Did I fry my primary transformer??


Ay-yuh, 99.9% chance

Matt D.