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Re: Overtones and velocity factors

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Terry.

> Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> > Quench is also not too important if the streamers naturally use all
>> > the systems energy in the first cycle anyway...
>>that`s impossible, only arc to ground can do that.

> I am talking about very low coupling in the 0.03 to 0.1 range.  The
> energy transfer gets so slow much never makes it back to the
> primary.

even 0.1 is looking terrible - 11 cycles, who uses this? 0.03 is
just for crazyest crazy imo % ) i`m not considering ss gaps here : )
but even if i set k=0.1 and load secondary (after full transfer) with
500 kOhm, about 8kv (from initial 20kv) will show up in the primary. of
coz i don`t have a model of real sg, so maybe all of this is wrong.

> Models like the one used here:
> http://hot-streamer.com/TeslaCoils/MyPapers/modact/modact.html
> tend to optimize to very low coupling coefficients.

thnx, i`ll look at this. and probably ask more then : )

> You need a "just right" ERT and then a whole lot of energy then to
> feed the streamer.  If you don't have the energy, or too fast of ERT,
> or to slow of ERT, then the streamers get shorter.

correct me if i`m wrong, but aren`t the "russians" studied influence
of VRT in case when breakdown starts before full marx erection? and
they just don`t need/want to get all energy in the system before start
of breakdown?
when you use breakpoint on toroid, you get the same situation, but who
forces "me" to use it? why "i" can`t wait when most of the bang happily
climbs on the top, and then suddently jump from there in violent
capacitive discharge? : ) i`m kinda dreamer, you know : D

> I was doing repeatability experiments yesterday and the SISG is very
> impressive :-)))

yeah, now you can build a factory and start to stamp the coils with
+-0.1" in output spark length tolerance. decorative coils in the
kitchen, wc, your car, on your work, and even on your grandma lawn : )

>   I was also trying to get some racing arcs for Paul's thing but I
> could not get any yet...

haven`t you measured Q primary with "gap" yet? % )

> ScanTesla
> I think you came on the list after it...   You should check it out
> since you might like it ;-))

you`re right on both cases, so be prepared to some number of
questions. next week probably : )