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Re: Re: Frequency Splitting

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

When we scope our coils and set the coeff of coupling the freqs move off of center evenly in both directions. I suppose it is possible to get one different from the other but in all cases I have seen involving TC tuning they always move to both left and right an even amount of space on the scope indicating equal off freq from center freq resonance points. When we adjust coeff of coupling with our drive motor I have never seen one point move more than the opposite freq point. This is, of course, without HVpower using only a sig gen as driving source.

Dr. Resonance

Original poster: "Daniel McCauley" <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The resonant points, as you state, are not equidistance from the resonant peak. Each one is different, and can be defined by
the following equations:

Fupper = Funcoupled / sqrt (1-k)

Flower = Funcoupled / sqrt (1+k)

where k = coupling between the two resonant circuits


The resonance points occur at two different frequencies each equidistant from the resonant peak. Maybe frequency splitting isn't the best term but two separate resonant freqs occur with overcoupling which produces two separate points along the coil when potential peaks occur. Then, these two pure freqs start "beating" against each other and standing waves occur.

Dr. Resonance